This is Secure Station from Scalp & Hair.

Let’s protect our scalp and hair safely!

As a professional care center for Scalp and hair loss,
Secure Station is originated from Secure,
a hospital-recognized and professional brand that protects scalp safely.

Keep your scalp condition healthy,
Prevent hair loss properly.

The name Secure Station includes a meaning of 'to protect'.
Focusing on the use of growth factors, Secure Station provides solutions for scalp and hair loss care.
Secure Station is a scalp and hair loss treatment center,
where secure products and high-tech system safely protect your scalp and hiar from loss.

Reasonable cost and differentiating technology
Hair Return system

Hair Return System

For better life and more self-satisfaction, a Hair Return Center, which is Secure Station's own system, recovers your scalp and hair and maintains the improved conditions at reasonable costs with our own distinct technology and organized care system.
Secure Station will provide you with effective and satisfactory treatments, relieving your pressure and worries. We will always be your trustworthy and conscientious hair care companion.

Secure Station's own system
Hair loss care process

Fair care

Just like going to a gym, you can visit our center whenever it fits your schedule. Our high-tech device systemizes body and scalp healing process, and leads to a decrease in costs. Growth factor MTS and other agents further maximize its efficacy.

What is Fair Trade?

We think that Faircare is a Satisfaction

Fair Trade

Fair Trade refers to a producer preferential
trade that provides products at fair prices
so that costs of production and living
can be guaranteed for producers.

Hair Loss Process

Hair Loss must be cared consistently for a long-term
period in order to see it works.
So there follows financial burden.
However, by systemizing the process with brand-new
devices thus lowering the maintenance fees,
Secure Station serve our customers as our priority
with the best solution but also at
surprisingly reasonable prices.



Have a look at exclusive care of SECURE Station.

Space of Education

Space For education

Secure Station is a designated education institution for hair loss and scalp treatment by Korean Medical Aesthetic Association. Here, we develop and train for hair care experts, and issue Trichologist licenses as well. This is a place where specialists in clinics and hair related fields can get professional and structured trainings.

In addition, through Educational-Industrial Cooperation with SINGU University, we seeks to establish superior programs and system for hair care.

Secure Station also conducts seminars to offer practical and organized information on scalp and hair loss for the general people.

Space of Experience

Space of experience

Secure Station is a specialty brand for scalp and hair loss treatment that is recognized by numerous customers and healthcare professionals. By using Secure products only, we provide more safe and efficient hair care.

Space of Care

Space of Care

Introducing high-tech methods, we apply the most suitable hair loss treatment as well as the basic hair care programs to a wide variety of people. With the use of growth factors, you can get amazing results even at hospitals.

Based on the years of know-how on scalp and hair loss treatment, we present you with effective and customized cares at affordable prices without bubbles.



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  • ADDRESS#304, 13, Seongnam-daero 331beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • TEL031-711-3500
  • FAX02-6280-6475